About us

Founded in 2000, Multi Media Solutions is a design and print company that offers outstanding quality, value for money and service to clients ranging from big corporates to small businesses.

Coming from a vast background in printing (29 years), Typesetting and Desk Top Publishing, we wanted to offer clients something very unique, a company that could not just give cutting edge design work but had the resources to make sure that the printing was done accurately. Many designers have the ability to come up with amazing concepts, but lack the experience and know-how to deal with the real challenge; matching cost, quality and time to be able to get a superior product at a reasonable price.

In an industry fraught with countless fly by nights that deliver poor quality and service that could cost you thousands, high standards are our competitive advantage. With this in mind our philosophy was born that only 100% was good enough and that what the client signed off will be what the client gets. This obviously leaves no margin for error, and has been pivotal in Multi Media Solutions drive towards doing the job right the first time. In a small company with high aspirations every member of the organisation had to learn to multi task and become experts in many fields to ensure that the client always receives the best advice and service.

Since April 2000 the company has grown from strength to strength, adding new products to it's portfolio and eventually living up to it's original catch phrase, “for all your print, press, photographic and communication needs”.

We offer services on multiple platforms, including conceptualisation & design, project management, printing, banners and signage, web design, electronic stationery, animation, promotional items, hand made cards, corporate presentations and art work archiving.

As a technology driven organisation our gaze is firmly fixed on the future and our dedication to keeping up to date with the latest developments in the IT, design and print sectors mean that our customers wont be left behind in an ever changing world of advertising and marketing.


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